Why Is Technology Important to the Future of Agriculture

Why Is Technology Important to the Future of Agriculture

Everyone knows that the use of technology in agriculture has come a long way from horse-drawn plows, but how has old and new technology in agriculture positively impacted the industry?

To give you an idea of how much the agriculture landscape has evolved, here are 3 ways technology has changed farming for the better: 

  1. Mechanical Seed Drills | In 1701, Jethro Tull created an improved mechanical seed drill, marking an important milestone for agriculture. The Jethro Tull seed drill was able to plow planting rows, store and distribute seeds, and recover newly planted seeds. Tull’s seed machine replaced the traditional labor-intensive planting method of scattering or individually planting seeds by hand, enabling farmers to produce crops on a much larger scale. 
  2. Combine Harvesters | The first combine harvester was invented in 1834 and required horses to pull it along the field. Now, combine harvesters are self-propelled machines capable of reaping, winnowing, and threshing. Without the combine harvester, it would be impossible for farmers to effectively collect the food they produce. 
  3. Drones for Crop Monitoring | Most recently, drones have been put into use to provide a bird’s eye view of crops. Drone technology empowers farmers to collect and examine data for thousands of acres. Before drones, it was impossible to constantly monitor crops spanning great distances, making it difficult to quickly detect issues with the crop. Using drones, farmers are able to effectively monitor all of their crops, and make better-informed decisions surrounding planting, harvesting, and more. 

From mechanical seed drills to high-tech drone surveillance, advances in technology have been making positive impacts in agriculture for decades. But how do we make sure innovative ideas thrive and prevent modern agriculture from becoming stagnated? Attending an innovation-focused ag tech conference is a great first step to ensuring the future of agriculture technology is prosperous. 

But more on that later, let’s examine some of the hottest technologies that are currently taking the ag industry by storm.

What Are Three New Technologies in Agriculture?

Aside from drones, three of the most recent —and notable—agricultural technologies in use today include:

  1. Bee Vectoring Technology (BVT) | BVT technology utilizes commercially reared bees and an easy-to-use tray system to replace pesticides and other crop control methods that harm the environment. 
  2. Indoor Hydroponic Growing Stations | Hydroponics enables farmers to grow various crops indoors using water and nutrient solutions. These systems offer many advantages including higher crop yields, more efficient use of space, less water waste, and more.
  3. Automated Cleaning Systems for Livestock | Many farms are adopting automated cleaning systems to improve the lives of farm animals, reduce the risk of disease, and minimize environmental impact. These systems use microbiological cleaning methods to thoroughly remove waste from animals and improve the overall barn climate.

What Will the Future of Agriculture Look Like?

The role of technology in agriculture is more important than ever before. As the world continues to change, further technological advancements are needed to ensure our global food supply is sustainable and adaptable. Some of the most pressing challenges farmers face include the effects of climate change and supporting a fast-growing human population. Without technological innovation, solving these complex problems may not be possible. Thankfully, there is a place where the world’s greatest minds in agriculture and technology can come together to develop efficient and affordable solutions to the world’s most complex and urgent challenges.

Yes, we’re talking about Rally.  

Plant the Seeds of a Thriving Future at Rally

Thinking “outside the box” is difficult when professionals don’t branch outside of their niches. In order to foster further innovation, agriculture technology experts must connect with other leading technological minds. The Rally Conference brings together leading minds from six key technology industries to help spark new ideas and ignite greater connectivity across multiple sectors. The six tracks are:

  1. Software
  2. Ag and Food
  3. HardTech 
  4. Healthcare
  5. SportsTech
  6. Entrepreneurship

At the cross-sector Rally conference, you will get the chance to experience keynote presentations, interactive workshops, demos, and one-on-one meetings with investors. Rally is also hosting several pitch competitions where the winners stand to receive up to $1 million in investment funds. In short, Rally has something for everyone!

If you’re ready to innovate, get registered for Rally today.