Create a topic or join a discussion

Braindate empowers people to learn better and connect deeper through intentional conversations.

Braindate x Demo Arena

The Braindate Lounge is located in the Rally Demo Arena and will be open for meetings:

  • Tuesday, August 29 from 10am -4pm
  • Wednesday, August 30 from 10am – 4pm
Connect with Intention

Braindate offers a unique way for people to learn from each other and form valuable connections based on topics of interest. We are excited to have Braindate as a part of our inaugural conference!

  • Find a mentor / advisor
  • Set one-on-one meetings
  • Join a group topic of interest or create your own

Create a group topic or set up one-on-one meetings.

What to Expect at Rally?

Rally will feature a diverse mix of activities, including Keynote addresses from industry leaders, innovators, and visionaries, curated 1:1 investor meetups, a demo arena, a pitch competition (with up to $5 million in prizes)

Develop Relationships

Connections with others working on similar projects can lead to great collaborations that push an industry forward. Whether finding a mentor or mentee, a great fit for your next hire, or another company for a collaborative relationship, real connections forged at conferences make a difference.

Increase Knowledge

Featured speakers, panels, and presentations from leaders in innovation in your field can add to your knowledge base. With a cross-sector conference, learning about technological breakthroughs outside your industry means you get even more fuel for to drive breakthroughs of your own.

Discover New Innovations

Even the most dedicated founder can’t keep up with every new thing coming down the pipeline in their industry. There will always be someone doing something you haven’t heard about, and conferences are a great way to get caught up on the biggest innovations you’ve missed.

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