IN-Prize Investment Rules and Criteria

All Rally IN-Prize winners consent and agree to the following rules to be eligible to receive the investment prize:

• Rules and Criteria may be revised at any time at the sole discretion of the competition hosts and investors
• These rules supersede any verbal conversations or representations
• The submitted product or service must have been conceived no earlier than January 2019
• Companies must not have raised more than $10 million in funding from combined funding sources
• Companies must have a total addressable market of more than $500M
• Winners permit the use of their company name, logo, and executive summary by Rally organizers
• Winners will be requested to format final pitch decks in this format
• Winners will be subject to due diligence, and the award of the investment prize is subject to final due diligence by the investors at their sole discretion and mutually agreeable terms
• Investment is anticipated to be in the form of equity or a convertible note; SAFEs, SEALS, and other non-market vehicles will not be considered
• Companies must commit to establishing a Significant Presence in Indiana
“Significant presence” is defined by at least one (1) physical office (or active co- working space membership) AND one (1) full-time C-level executive or founder for a minimum of one year within the geographic borders of Indiana.

Benefits to Winners:

• Each winner investment includes up to seven VCs on your cap table
• Automatic acceptance into the Elevate Ventures Accelerator
• More In-kind awards coming soon!

Verticals That are Specifically Not Eligible:

• Real estate and real estate development
• Insurance
• Professional services provided by an accountant, a lawyer, or a physician
• Retail businesses with brick and mortar
• Oil and gas
• Investment vehicles that invest in securities of other businesses
• Gaming and gambling
• Single purpose entertainment or events