Investor 1:1s are a programming format that offers one on one sessions between a VC/Investor and a startup founder or small team representing a startup.  Attendees will use the Investor 1:1s to share their investment opportunity with institutional investors looking to invest. All 1:1 sessions are pre-scheduled based on mutual interest.

Participate in 1:1s


Startups: High-growth startups looking for capital and/or an introduction to institutional investors.

Companies can follow the link below to apply. Finalists in the IN-Prize Competition are eligible and encouraged to apply to participate in these sessions.

VCs: Venture Firms looking for an opportunity to fund high-growth companies. 

Investors indicate they are interested in meeting 1:1 with Startups and then are added to a list to receive the company profiles.

All the details

Curated 20-minute one-on-one sessions between VCs and startups looking for capital. Sessions will align with the 45-minute blocks within the schedule. Within those 45-minutes, each VC and Startup could have two sessions; each session will last 20 minutes with 5-minute break in between. Based on the current schedule, Startups & VCs could have a maximum of 20 sessions. Each meeting should be seen as an introduction and its recommended that companies be prepared to pitch their opportunity. Whether this is a first-time meeting or an opportunity to reconnect each company should be prepared.

Date & Time

Sessions will take place over two-three days. The current schedule, (although subject to change):

  • Tuesday, August 29 – 10:00AM-12:00PM (4 sessions) & 1:30PM-4:30PM (6 sessions)
  • Wednesday, August 30 – 10:00AM-12:00PM (4 sessions) & 1:30PM-4:30PM (6 sessions)


Key Dates

  • June 16 – Company Application Deadline
  • July 6 – VCs receive company details to review
  • August 1 – VCs have to submit their top choices for sessions
  • August 15 – Rally team finalizes meeting schedule
  • August 18 – Rally team notifies both VCs & Companies of their schedules
  • August 29 – 31 – Investor 1:1s take place
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Rally Investors

The following investors have committed to attending Rally or have participated in past events: