Guided Sound Experience
August 31, 2023 | 11:00am – 11:45am

ACTIVITY | Room 233

Join Sarah Gardner, founder of Immersive Sound Experiences for a 45-minute immersive sensory experience (also commonly referred to as a “sound bath.”) During this time, the only thing required of you is your presence. You’ll find a comfortable resting position, either seated or fully reclined, before being immersed in the gentle but powerful sound waves and vibrations of singing bowls. These unique sound waves are proven to have a profoundly therapeutic and restorative effect on the human body.

After tapping into a deep state of rest, you will be primed to feel, think, and perform better. And as a 100% inclusive, passive, and restorative modality, you can show up confidently knowing you’ll be able participate and benefit immediately – regardless of your age or abilities.

Sound too good to be true? Learn more about the science behind Immersive Sound Experiences here.