Welcome to one of the world’s largest pitch competitions! Apply to pitch for up to $5M (up to $1M per studio winner) in investment during the world’s largest global cross-sector innovation conference on August 27 & 28 in Indianapolis. The 25 IN-Prize finalists will pitch before an audience of venture capitalists, angel investors, entrepreneurs, early adopters, corporate executives, universities, and partners. 

Applications are now closed!

(Rules/Criteria & FAQ below)

RALLY 2024 is excited to team up with the Startup World Cup! RALLY will be a regional feeder for SWC’s global pitch competition series. So our IN-Prize competition will produce one winner who will compete in Startup World Cup’s Grande Finale in October 2024 for the chance to compete for an additional $1M Prize!

Cross-sector collaboration is the heartbeat of RALLY and collaborations like the one with Elevate Ventures, Plug and Play Tech Center & Startup World Cup bring even more opportunities to innovators that allow them to showcase their vision to a global audience! Learn more.

Key Dates

  • May 5, 2024 – Application Deadline (11:59PM ET)
  • June 25, 2024 – Applicants Notified of Status 
  • July 8, 2024 – Pitch Coaching Begins 
  • July 23-25, 2024 – Finalist PrePitch Week 
  • August 26, 2024 – IN-Prize Finalist and Investors Evening Happy Hour
  • August 27, 2024 – IN-Prize Pitch Competition Day!
  • August 28, 2024 – Winners Announced!
  • October 4, 2024Startup World Cup Grand Finale

2023 IN-Prize Winners

Innovation Studios Pitching at RALLY


Emerging and existing innovative software technologies, including Web 3.0, Blockchain, AI, Apps, and Cybersecurity that rethink how to solve B2B, ecosystem, and B2C challenges and create new opportunities.

ag & food

Companies innovating across food, animal health, plant science, agtech and agriculture to create an efficient, sustainable food system while preserving natural resources from the farmgate to the kitchen table.


Companies launching services, digital therapeutics (DTX), devices, diagnostics, medicinal advancements etc., that enable a better quality of life, increase life expectancy, or reduce the cost of care, for people and animals.


Companies innovating within manufacturing, industry 4.0 and cleantech, to produce hard goods, soft goods, advanced materials, new processes, and sensors.


The intersection of traditional sports, esports, training, data and technology providing better safety, engagement, participation, entertainment, and experiences for teams, athletes, broadcasters, and fans.

Rally IN-Prize Pitch Competition FAQ

The IN-Prize competition is NOT a grant. Any investment may be either equity or debt subject to the Rules and Criteria

All eligibility requirements can be found in the Rules & Criteria below.

No. RALLY IN-Prize Competition is an in-person competition only. Any Finalists that are unable to attend in person will be replaced by an alternate. If an alternate is unable to pitch, that finalist spot will be forfeited.

IN-Prize Judges will focus on five critical elements:

  1. Market
    1. Demand for product
    2. Clear pain point
    3. Clear solution
  2. Entrepreneur
    1. Skills to solve the pain
    2. Supporting team for gaps in skills and experience
    3. External advisors and support
  3. Legal
    1. Clean structure
    2. Clean cap table
    3. Sound legal hygiene
  4. Financial
    1. Believable plan
    2. Command of unit economics and valuation drivers
    3. Understanding of capital strategy
  5. Operational
    1. Clear milestones
    2. Users, revenue, customers
    3. Articulation of GTM strategy

Yes! Finalists of the IN-Prize Pitch Competition will receive two (2) complimentary all-access registration badges for RALLY 2024

Additionally, each presenting company will have the opportunity to network and demo their product/service in the RALLY Demo Arena and will receive up to two (2) additional reduced rate badges for other team members to participate and attend.

All applicants who meet the qualifications, but are not selected to pitch, will receive a code allowing them to register for up to two (2) RALLY 2024 badges at a reduced price. Companies are also encouraged to participate in the Demo Arena and meet 1:1 with investors during the conference.

Five (5) Finalists and three (3) alternates will be selected from each Studio Track (total of 40 companies). 

The IN-Prize Pitch Competition team will screen applicants to ensure they meet all eligibility requirements. Then the IN-Prize Review Committee from each Innovation Studio Track will review all applications to decide which products and services are the most innovative and thus, should proceed in the process. This is done through a scoring system provided to them by RALLY and is based on Market, Entrepreneur, Legal, Financial, and Operational functions (see criteria mentioned above). The same judging criteria will be used for applicants and Finalists.

We strongly encourage all applicants to submit a brief non password protected video pitching the company. This should be submitted as a MP4 file.

This pitch video should be two (2) minutes or less and should feature the applicant speaking to the camera—we want to see how you pitch, not what your video editing software can do. 

We also encourage you to upload a non password protected current pitch deck (no longer than 20 slides).

Applicants invited to participate will receive an email notification from the IN-Prize Pitch Competition Team. Participating companies will be notified in mid-to-late July of 2024. Please refrain from contacting RALLY staff and our respective Partner Organizations regarding the status of your application. We receive a high volume of submissions and will update all applicants regarding their status as soon as possible.

The IN-Prize Pitch Competition will occur on Tuesday, August 27 in Indiana Convention Center. Exact times of each studio pitch will be available on the agenda. 

Each Finalist will be given 2 minutes to pitch, followed by 5 minutes of Q&A from a panel of no more than six (6) judges with experience in the specific Innovation Studio Track.

IN-Prize winners will be announced on Wednesday, August 28 in the afternoon on the Main Stage (Room J).

Please contact the RALLY IN-Prize Pitch Competition Team at INPrize@rallyinnovation.com

IN-Prize Rules and Criteria

All IN-Prize Pitch Competition applicants consent and agree to the following rules and criteria to be eligible for consideration. Any company can apply for the pitch competition and have the opportunity to compete so long as they meet the rules and criteria below. It is possible that a company could win the pitch competition and not receive the investment. To receive the IN-Prize investment, the Investment Requirements section below must be met.

  • Companies may only enter one product or service for the IN-Prize Pitch Competition.
  • The submitted company, product or service must fall under one of the RALLY Innovation Studio Tracks – Ag & FoodTech, HardTech, Healthcare, Software, SportsTech.
  • Companies may only compete in one Innovation Studio Track, but RALLY may suggest submitting in a different track.
  • Company annual revenue must be less than $5M.
  • Companies must not have raised more than $10M in total funding (excludes non-dilutive funding).
  • Companies must have a total addressable market of more than $500M.
  • Applicants, Finalists and Winners permit the use of their company name, logo, and executive summary by RALLY Organizing Team.
  • Finalists shall not talk to any judges prior to the IN-Prize Pitch Competition Kickoff Reception.
  • Pitch Deck – Applicants and Finalists understand they must submit their pitch decks in a similar fashion to this format.  
  • Video – Applicants must submit a two-minute video along with their pitch deck that includes their elevator pitch, pain, solution, team, ideal customer profile, traction and capital formation overview.  This does not need to be high-end production. The quality of the content is more important. 
  • Applicants understand they will be scored based on the following five criteria by the Review Committee and Judges: 
      1. Market
        • Demand for product
        • Clear pain point
        • Clear solution
      2. Entrepreneur
        • Skills to solve the pain point
        • Supporting team for gaps in skills and experience
        • External advisors and support
      3. Legal
        • Clean structure
        • Clean cap table
        • Sound legal hygiene
      4. Financial
        • Believable plan
        • Command of unit economics and valuation drivers
        • Understanding of capital strategy
      5. Operational
        • Clear milestones
        • Users, revenue, customers
        • Articulation of GTM strategy

Note: Companies with products that require regulatory approval should outline their scientific hypotheses, development timelines, IP strategies, regulatory pathways, capitalization plans and commercialization plans in the respective section above.

Verticals That are Specifically Not Eligible to Apply

  • Real estate and real estate development
  • Insurance
  • Professional services provided by an accountant, a lawyer, or a physician
  • Retail businesses with brick and mortar
  • Oil and gas
  • Investment vehicles that invest in securities of other businesses
  • Gaming and gambling
  • Single-purpose entertainment or events

*Rules and Criteria may be revised at any time at the sole discretion of all related RALLY IN-Prize competition hosts and investors. These Rules and Criteria supersede any other written or verbal conversations or representations.

Investment Requirements

Award of any investment to Rally IN-Prize Pitch Competition winners, up to $1M for each studio winner, is subject to final due diligence and agreeable terms by the investors in their sole discretion.

RALLY pitch competition investment requires a minimum 1:1 investment which may be achieved by non RALLY related investors brought forth by the company or by RALLY related investors that may be brought forth through syndication with other investors

Investment is anticipated to be in the form either

(1) Equity;  We will ask each company to indicate pre and post-money of latest round as well as desired pre-money of the current round and total being raised, or

(2) Convertible Note; with market terms – 8% interest, 20% discount and valuation cap. 

Note – SAFE’s, SEALs, or other non-market investment vehicles will not be considered.

Companies must commit to establishing a Significant Presence in Indiana:

“Significant presence” is defined by at least one (1) physical office (or active co- working space membership) AND minimum one (1) full-time C-level executive or founder for a minimum of one year within the geographic borders of Indiana or a mutually agreeable plan to do so within a specified timeframe.

Please note it is possible that an IN-Prize Pitch Competition Finalist could win their respective studio track and not be successful in receiving the investment prize.

Investment Requirements may be revised at any time at the sole discretion of all related RALLY IN-Prize competition hosts and investors. These Investment Requirements supersede any other written or verbal conversations or representations.