What Is the Largest SaaS Conference?

What Is the Largest SaaS Conference?

Attending a SaaS conference can provide opportunities for networking, learning, and collaboration. But with so many options out there, how do you decide which one is the best choice? If you found this article, you’re likely asking that very question, and have started your search with the most prominent options.

In terms of size, the largest tech-themed event is probably South by Southwest (SXSW); with over 300,000 attendees, this festival-style conference converges tech, film, music, education, and culture all into one space. And while SXSW is a great event that’s popular for a reason, there are other great options for tech events—many of which focus on targeted interests. Whether you’re looking for idea workshops, B2B SaaS events, or Facetime with investors, there’s an event suited to you.

SaaS Conferences: An Industry-Wide Sampling

Below are just a few of the best SaaS conferences, each tailored for specific interests:

B2B Marketing Exchange

Also known as B2BMX, this conference focuses on B2B SaaS companies looking to improve their marketing campaigns. Some key features enjoyed by its 1,000 attendees include five learning tracks, dozens of workshop sessions, and numerous case studies of B2B companies implementing different marketing strategies. For those who are interested in the intersection of marketing and sales strategies, there’s also an offshoot event known as B2B Sales and Marketing Exchange (B2BSMX).


Not every SaaS operation needs to be “big” to be successful, and Micro SaaS companies are proof that focusing on your niche is a sustainable business model. Since 2011, MicroConf has aimed to be the “original community for bootstrapped SaaS founders,” with an intentional deviation from venture capital or other standard methods of funding for SaaS companies. This micro SaaS conference offers both in-person and remote conferences and even allows you to purchase their recordings if you can’t attend.


If you’re willing to travel across the pond, there’s a Dublin-based conference that targets “SaaS decision makers” at its audience. This 5,000-person event boasts almost 70 percent of its attendees in leadership roles, focusing on business development, networking opportunities, and learning from leading industry experts about SaaS trends. If a flight to Dublin seems too expensive, you can also attend its sister event—SaaStock USA—in Austin, Texas.


Is SaaS still growing? This festival-style SaaS event thinks so, and aims to push that growth even further. The most unique element of SaaStr is that, in the founders’ words, this event is “the only festival style event” available. With over 10,000 participants, thousands of networking events, and hundreds of guest speakers—indoors and outdoors—this event aims to bring together SaaS professionals from all sectors with a focus on scaling their businesses.

What Is the Future of SaaS Conference Events?

As SaaS and other tech industries continue to grow, the events will need to focus more and more on where we create new ideas and solutions. Up until this point, SaaS events (and industry events as a whole) have become increasingly specialized to better suit their audiences. Even a larger SaaS company can be focused around a specific, niche need. While this specialization does create better products and services for end users, it also results in many industries becoming siloed and stagnant.

The ability to create truly original ideas—to separate oneself from the noise—is more important than ever, and not just for SaaS but all industries. Oftentimes, this is why people attend conferences in the first place: to hear inspiring ideas, learn new ways of thinking, and work with different people and perspectives. And while there is value in gathering with like minds in your industry, there is only so much new information that can come from people who have all had similar industry experiences. With this in mind, where can SaaS professionals go for a fresh perspective, especially when everyone in their industry is following essentially the same trends?

That’s exactly why the Rally Innovation Conference exists. We believe that the best ideas for the future of SaaS will not come from siloed, industry-focused thinking, but collaboration with sectors with entirely different experiences and perspectives. We can point to many instances where cross-collaboration brought forth great ideas—from baby strollers to drive-thrus. And because SaaS products can fit a wide range of needs, the SaaS industry perhaps stands to gain the most from cross-collaboration; it also has the most to teach other industries. Those powerful moments of inspiration are what Rally is all about.

What Is the Rally Innovation Conference?

Rally is the largest cross-sector innovation conference in the world. Rally brings together the top SaaS companies with four other tech industries (AgTech, HardTech, SportsTech and MedTech), with the intention of fostering new ideas and helping industry leaders future-proof their businesses. Attendees can look forward to idea workshops, 200+ speakers, five $1 million pitch competitions, and networking sessions where startups and investors search for their match.

What is a SaaS conference without innovation? We at Rally would argue that innovation is crucial to a great SaaS event—specifically, innovation through cross-collaboration.

Want To Learn More About Rally?

If you’re looking for the best SaaS event to attend but are feeling lost in the options, look to the Rally Innovation Conference. As the largest cross-collaboration event in the world, Rally delivers a unique experience that promises to be unlike any other SaaS event out there. Work with various industries on new ideas, share your startup ideas with venture capitalists, or even see if your product concept is strong enough to win a million dollars in a pitch competition!

Check out our website to learn more about Rally, or glance through our run-of-show to see what’s on deck for this year. Get registered while there are still spots; your next big idea is waiting for you!