Alfredo Munoz

Alfredo Munoz is the founder of the Futuverse™, ecosystem dedicated to crafting digital simulations of extreme environments, merging entertainment and education through cutting-edge gamification strategies. The Futuverse™ immersive platform creates the opportunity to compete and collaborate in groups to solve the challenges of future scenarios. These environments are the results of the work of international experts in architecture, arts, deep tech, sociology, blockchain, and the space industry. 

Alfredo is also the founder of ABIBOO Studio, a global design and architectural firm with a diverse portfolio, serving entities ranging from Fortune Global 500 conglomerates to government bodies and private high-net-worth individuals. ABIBOO Studio ingeniously incorporates breakthroughs from the architecture, AI, and mixed reality sectors to deliver next-gen solutions in the PropTech industry. Alfredo’s work has been featured in media outlets such as BBC, Bloomberg, National Geographic, Forbes, Business Insider, CNN, Wallpaper*, and Harper’s Bazaar, among many others. He has shared his ideas at elite knowledge centers, such as Columbia University, Oxford Union, Upenn, and Tongji, as well as for events such as TED(x) Talks.