Arvind Murthy
General Manager / The Heritage Group Accelerator

Hailing from Orange County, California, Arvind combines his love for all things design, including air-cooled Porsches, with a lifelong curiosity in ‘how stuff works’. An industry expert in Intelligent Transportation Systems, Smart Cities, and sustainable practices like waste stream management and carbon capture, Arvind’s training as an urban planner has shaped his unique approach.

Arvind has honed a balanced blend of strategic and operational skills, refined under the guidance of industry leaders. His contributions to the HardTech and ClimateTech sectors are notable, with a special emphasis on developing sustainable, climate-conscious solutions.

In addition to his sector-specific work, Arvind’s expertise extends to advising startups. From the initial idea’s sketch on a napkin to the final stage of acquisition, and every step in between, Arvind provides guidance and insights, helping to turn nascent concepts into successful ventures.