Benjamin Glenn
Founder / A Matter of Innovation

Benjamin Glenn is nationally recognized innovation strategist, speaker and coach based in the Silicon Valley. His work is keenly focused on helping entrepreneurs and innovators in enterprises big and small in our regulated industries identify, develop and maintain competitive advantages. Particularly with regard to our rapidly evolving health care sector, Benjamin’s work is highlighted in Biodesign: The Process of Innovating Medical Technologies, a program he has served for over a decade. Benjamin strongly believes in the increasing importance, and even the necessity, of creating and training a while array of multi-disciplinary teams. Benjamin’s passionate presentations often focus on how professionals from different disciplines can successfully work together to create the products and services of the modern economy. In his presentations, Benjamin draws on his diverse experiences growing up in Texas, serving in the military and working as a Silicon Valley patent attorney. His unique, humorous and often metaphor-ladened insights also draw from over two decades of advising clients on strategic, commercial, innovation and product development issues. As a result, his engaging style has inspired and entertained audiences at leading innovation and entrepreneurial programs nationwide including: Stanford University BioDesign Program, UC San Francisco, UCSF/UC Berkeley Masters of Translational Medicine, Johns Hopkins University, UCLA Health and Northwestern University, along with accelerator and incubator programs such as Matter Chicago, Texas Medical Center’s TMCx, South By SouthWest, VentureWell, Village Capital, Kauffman Foundation, Singularity University, LSI Emerging Mechtech Summit and MedTech Innovator.