Dr. Lisa Hoverman
Founder / Healthcare, Scientific, & Medical Communications

Lisa is passionate about collaborative, innovative STEM, and telling STEM stories – most often through compelling writing for funding. To that end, she founded Healthcare, Scientific, and Medical Communications (or HSMC) after a fulfilling academic career to serve those in need of medical and scientific communications writing and project management expertise. HSMC’s work focuses on federal funding projects – primarily for contracts and grants. Lisa leads HSMC work to span the STEM field and tell STEM stories compellingly and compliantly resulting in funding and sales.

Lisa earned her PhD from the University of Pittsburgh and completed her post-doctoral work at Penn State. Lisa realized upon award of a bridge grant from NIH to transition to faculty that her passion was not in academia, but in writing about science, and chose to leave the bench and start her own company instead of a lab. Her success stems from clear, concise, and compelling writing and verbal communication skills combined with a deep understanding of STEM, federal, and medical regulations, clinical writing, federal and non-federal proposals, and grants to obtain funding or business.

Lisa is successful at aiding both single entrepreneurs with their SBIR proposals and leading and managing multi-organization consortia proposals, with 200+ contributors – all to wins more than 12B to date in funding.
Lisa brings kindness, hard work, excitement, and humility to every team and project she directs. She also strives to learn from every endeavor and has a proven record of increasing funding and customer satisfaction. Her work to date spans over 300 proposals to date.
When Lisa is not helping clients with SBIR/STTR proposals or other clients with their proposals, she enjoys spending time with her husband Jason, son Logan, dogs Rasputin, Bella, and Bjorn and their menagerie of amphibians and reptiles. Together, the family enjoys amphibian collecting, diving, hiking, Lego building, sailing, and Star Wars movies/shows.