Jean Makesh
CEO / The Lantern Group

Jean Makesh is the founder, CEO of the Lantern group. He designed a state-of-the-art award-winning cognitive care assisted living communities in Ohio. His fascination and passion to aging was the impetus to design and create a therapeutic care program that is one of its kinds in the country and in the world. Some of his recognitions include Entrepreneur of the year, Model practice award and Next Avenue’s 2016 top 50 influencers in aging in the country.

Mr. Makesh was featured in various local and international media. Before establishing Lantern Group, he held various senior executive positions with a fortune 500 company. During his tenure with the 500-fortune company, his day-to-day responsibilities included ensuring best operational practices and compliance to highest quality of care.

He holds an undergraduate and a Post graduate diploma in Occupational therapy and a master’s degree in Business administration.

Jean designed and developed a patented retro-virtual time capsule to nurture and facilitate memory and to promote functional independence. The care delivery model that he developed is the only care program in the world that is therapeutic in nature. The care program utilizes the individual’s environment, learning and activities to activate repressed memories and stimulate newer learning.

Jean Makesh is on a personal mission to support, educate and equip the elderly, caregiver’s, family members and healthcare professionals with knowledge and resources about the Alzheimer’s disease, its prevention and treatment. His goal is to continue design, develop and construct state of the art communities and therapeutic care models in the US and other parts of the world.

His objective and mission are to combine his knowledge and experience to contribute and impact policies and practices in the areas of elderly care, good and efficient business practices, and human- kind.

Jean Makesh was recently featured on TEDx Indianapolis. He used the opportunity and the platform to share his innovative design and the treatment program to challenge and disrupt the way we think about Alzheimer and Dementia care.

In 2017, along with Elon Musk and Travis Kalanick, Jean Makesh was the guest of the ruler of Dubia, his highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Jean’s work was featured at the world government summit, an organization in United Arab Emirates dedicated to shaping the future of governments by harnessing innovation and technology to solve universal challenges facing humanity.

In 2018, the US patent office granted Jean Makesh a patent for a SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR TREATING PATIENTS IN A CONTROLLED SETTING.

His future endeavors include Project Okrah- online aggregator and an e-commerce platform to service the senior care ecosystem and Project CENTENARIAN- An intergenerational green smart lifestyle that inspires and facilitates 100 years of healthy living.

Prior to the Lantern Group, Jean Makesh held various executive positions with the country’s largest nursing home provider, Sun Healthcare group. Some of his job titles were, Program director, Clinical director, Area manager operations, Regional director and Clinical compliance. He led and managed a team of Vice Presidents, Directors and administrators. His day to day responsibilities involved leading and managing the operations and the clinical programs in 120 nursing homes spanning over 12 states. His expertise includes clinical and operational aspect of rehabilitation, market development, customer relations, cost management, Nursing Home compliance and HIPAA.