Keith Kirkland
Co-Founder & Chief Haptic Officer / WearWorks

Keith Kirkland is a haptics enthusiast, accessories designer, engineer and impact-driven strategist that is deeply excited about reimagining the use of touch in design and digital communications.  His work has been recognized by the Pratt’s Rowena Reed-Kostellow Award, SXSW, The Cooper Hewitt Design Museum, EY, TED, Dropbox, Google, the Yokohama government in Japan, Beyond Bauhaus, and the MET Museum. He is a serial entrepreneur inspired by the exploration of touch, developing equitable business models and nuanced customer insights to create sustainable impact-driven technologies that deliver at scale. Keith is also cofounder of WearWorks, an award-winning haptic navigation company that help the first person who is blind run the NYC marathon without sighted assistance. HapticNav™ and Wayband®, is a haptic navigation app (and optional haptic wristband) that gently navigates a person to a destination using vibrations, without the need for any visual or audio feedback.