Kristin Slanina
Chief Innovation Officer / ParkMyFleet

Kristin has spent 30+ years in the automotive space and is a recognized thought leader in the changing way that people and goods will move.

As the Chief Innovation Officer at ParkMyFleet, Kristin is creating the end-to-end electric vehicle (EV) and sustainable energy mobility fleet hubs that include on-site power generation, storage, software, infrastructure and battery recycling. 

She spent over two decades at Ford Motor Company, including engine engineering, strategy, planning and advanced technology. She was a key architect of the Ford Future of Mobility Blueprint. She worked as an Executive Director at Ernst & Young, leading their future of mobility practice, then CTO of Thirdware and COO of TrueCar. She has over 30 years of leadership in innovation, electrification, mobility, and engineering. 

Kristin is a graduate of MIT, (B.S. and M.S. in Mechanical Engineering) with a minor in French. 

She is on two public boards: Ouster and Comstock Inc.