Mark Balestra
US Special Counsel / Segev LLP

Mark Balestra is an author, consultant and Missouri-licensed attorney with nearly 30 years of experience in the gaming and gambling industry. His expertise spans a number of gaming-related industry sectors, including online gambling, poker, sports betting, skill gaming, fantasy sports, e-sports and tribal gaming. Over the years he has developed a deep knowledge and understanding of gaming policy and regulations in the capacities of consultant, researcher, publisher and attorney. Out of Segev LLP’s St. Louis office, Mr. Balestra has been instrumental in building what is recognized and respected as one of the top gaming law practices in North America. Prior to his work with Segev LLP, Mr. Balestra was a partner and co-founder of iGaming North America, an annual conference focusing on the convergence of traditional and digital gambling in the North American markets. Mr. Balestra has authored multiple books on gambling, has been a regular contributor to several gaming trade publications and has been featured as a gaming industry expert by numerous media outlets, including the New York Times, Reuters, USA Today, ESPN, CNET, Wired magazine, and the Los Angeles Times.