Markeith Price
Founder & CEO / Move Progress

Markeith Price, an innovative thinker thrives on making a difference in the world. Markeith, is a Paralympian, Designer, Producer and growing Research Engineer. Markeith is visually impaired – blind. He has never let the challenge stop his energetic spirit. Markeith is strives to make a big impact on the world with his passion for teamwork and communication. He’s working on developing technology and solution that will include all people. Markeith also has direction in his life. He wants to build equity for the different ability community (disability community). He started a foundation called I C You Foundation Inc. In 2013 which started the Journey to his mission, vision and direction. Markeith’s love acoustic sounds, music, design, data engineering and design engineering the art of yoga, and callastetics shows in his work. Markeith, loves a great conversation over coffee, about different random topics and to share the different books he has read or are reading. Markeith wants people to know to never give up on yourself, the energy you send out is the energy you receive.