Nate Mason
Principal / Starburst Aerospace

Nate is an Air Force veteran, engineer, and entrepreneur, and something that helped him succeed in his personal and professional life is the quote, “It’s never too late to become the person you might have been.” For Nate, it’s a call to live a purposeful and authentic life. Nate is an accomplished leader with an impressive track record spanning over two decades in Aerospace and Defense, consulting, and early-stage venture capital. He specializes in constructing open-innovation ecosystems that bring cutting-edge technologies to market. At Starburst, Nate holds a pivotal role as the leader of their renowned US-based Accelerator program. In this capacity, he serves as a catalyst for growth, empowering and advising deep tech co-founders on their entrepreneurial journey. Before his venture capital endeavors, Nate established himself as a national security expert and RF engineer, skillfully tackling complex technological challenges for the Intelligence Community. With his rich background and diverse skill set, Nate brings invaluable insights and experience to any project or team he engages with.