Renee King
Founder & CEO / FundBlackFounders

Renee King is a serial entrepreneur and the Founder of FundBlackFounders, a crowdfunding alternative to friends and family funding, blending traditional finance, grants, and impact investment capital with the power of crowdfunding to fund early stage Black entrepreneurs. After witnessing an investor shame a group of Black founders for not being able to raise a friends and family round, Renee made it her purpose to create friends and family capital for every Black Founder. She takes a nurturing, collaborative approach paired with group economics in helping these founders secure the capital they need to be able to fulfill their wildest entrepreneurial dreams. To date FundBlackFounders consists of over 6400 individuals who have collectively provided $3.4 Million in capital to 120 Black founders. It takes a village to raise a startup Founder, and Renee is on a mission to create that village for all Black Founders. She is reimagining conscious consumerism and connecting all communities, organizations, and individuals to be the new Friends, Family, Fans & Funds for Black entrepreneurs. Join her on her mission to fund Black Founders at