Rich Teachout
CTO / El Toro Targeting

Rich currently serves as the Chief Technology Officer for El Toro – a nationally recognized leader in ad tech and advanced analytics. Rich is one of the original developers and part of the core brain behind the tech that fuels El Toro’s success. Since 2014, Rich and his team have been developing incredible technologies while constantly expanding the El Toro story, to reshape the advertising industry. Rich brings over 30 years of experience from an assortment of technical realms. Across his journey, Rich has developed in 14 languages and worked with nearly all major databases. Rich operates as a hands-on leader, working together with junior to senior-level developers, all while still steering the ship. He is considered to be a highly motivated unique leader who is one of the top outside of the box thinkers in the industry. Rich is charismatic, personable and he has an encyclopedic knowledge of tech and analytics. Rich’s unique history, innate ability to work with people, and his creative conversations make him a one of a kind personality.