Seval Oz
CEO & Founder / Oz Advisors

Over a decade of being at the forefront of autonomous vehicle technologies, Seval Oz has lead the colliding forces behind the acceleration into the new movement industry. She is an Executive Board Advisor to automotive industry leaders and is an avid investment advisor to several
investment funds. She is a recognized global business and marketing leader in TaaS, autonomous vehicle technology and intelligent transportation systems. 

Seval was founding partner and CEO of, a multi-sensor awareness platform powered by AI deep learning for autonomous vehicles. Focused on camera/radar image fusion for sensory perception in autonomous vehicles, Aurima Inc was funded by Google Alphabet’s AI- focused
fund, Gradient Ventures, in Mountain View, CA. Ms Oz holds 10 patents in vehicular technology software including vehicle delivery, consumer purchase system, radar sensor fusion and remote services. 

Prior to this, Seval served as CEO of world automotive giant Continental AG’s Intelligent Transportation System’s new division headquartered in Silicon Valley, Seval grew the backend and frontend engineering teams to develop an open stack cloud computing architecture for the
entire company. This initiative was responsible for Continental AG’s mobility services and digitalization transformation.

She served as Head of Global Strategic Partnerships for Google’s Self Driving Cars Program (Waymo) where she supported global business and marketing efforts for Google’s self-driving technology commercial launch. She was the recipient of the Women in Technology Award for
Courage and serves as an advisor to several boards including Pioneer Electronics, HealthCorps®, a national health education program for high schools and Endeavor.Org, a global high-impact entrepreneurship organization based in NYC. She is a frequent speaker of women’s leadership in technology and services on the Board and in Advisory capacity to multiple automotive industry leaders. Seval received her MBA from Wharton Business School, and her BA, from Wellesley/M.I.T. in economics and political science.