Shelton Mercer III
Founder & Chairman / The Mercer Group / Virtuous Innovation

Award winning entrepreneur, innovation pioneer, Fortune 100 advisor, philanthropist and speaker Shelton Mercer has founded, led and exited venture-backed companies in tech, media, impact, sports and entertainment. In addition to Virtuous Innovation™ — Mercer is Founder and Chairman of The Mercer Advisory Group and Mercer Innovation. Mercer is CoFounder and former President of Blockchain-integrated media and entertainment technology company Audigent (Inc 5000) and CoFounder & former CEO of Mashable Award winner, celebrity social impact engine TwitCHANGE. Mercer is the creator of miOS™ — Mercer Innovation Outcomes System, which merges invention, incubation, collaboration and commercialization.

Mercer’s companies have conceived, led and advised global initiatives and generated billions in revenue with dozens of Fortune 500 corporations, brands, governments, institutions and organizations including Disney, Amazon, GE, Comcast NBCUniversal, eBay, Microsoft, Conde Nast, Warner and Universal Music Groups, Roc Nation, KPMG, J&J, Salesforce, Lilly, Hersheys, UN Foundation and United Way.
Shelton’s passion for people and the planet has compelled him to mobilize millions to raise hundreds of millions of dollars for crisis relief (Indian Ocean Tsunami, Hurricane Katrina, Haiti earthquake, Japan Tsunami) and causes (poverty, hunger, clean water and housing education, employment/wealth gaps). He has led numerous aid missions worldwide and impacted 50+ countries and dozens of U.S. cities.