Troy Byrd
Founder / 123442 Ventures

Troy Byrd is an entrepreneur, educator, and curator of epic fan experiences. He is a super connector who is passionate about connecting ideas, connecting people, and connecting the dots. He started his career building an entrepreneurship center at Bryant University, where he created programs for thousands of participants and compiled research related to innovation in America. This effort led to national rankings and a collection of awards. This journey also led him to strategic consulting where he advised startups, non-profits, and educational institutions. Troy was instrumental in the launch of Singularity University at NASA and he pioneered the creation of World Entrepreneurship Day at the United Nations. He was Head of People Operations at a large ai, robotics start-up, before leaving to head up strategy at MMH. Currently, Troy is an active real estate investor as owner of 123442 Ventures.

In the realm of sports, Troy stands as a devoted fan of the New England Patriots for over two decades, earning the distinguished title of Tom Brady’s #1 fan, an award granted to him in July 2023 by Tom Brady himself. Troy finds profound joy from engaging with fellow super fans, creating unforgettable moments. Troy’s GOAT fan experience came following his attendance at Super Bowl 49 (Patriots vs. Seahawks), where he ingeniously maneuvered his way into the Patriots’ Super Bowl private team celebration, partying alongside Gronk until the sun came up!

In 2019, Troy undertook an epic 10,000-mile cross-country journey across the United States, meticulously ticking off a roster of “bucket list” fan experiences. This ambitious journey, aptly named the “Hall of Fame & Innovation Tour,” was a tribute to places of profound significance in American culture, sport, and innovation. Troy’s interactions with sports enthusiasts and athletes were a cornerstone of this odyssey, reaching its zenith during the Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement week. In the web3 world, Troy is a prominent collector within Tom Brady’s sports tech venture, maintaining a steadfast presence through weekly interactions with management and members. These engagements have cultivated a profound insight into the trajectory of “future fandom” across diverse facets of the sports ecosystem.