Willard Tu
Associate Vice-President of Automotive Compute / Marvell

Willard Tu is the Associate Vice-President of Automotive Compute for Marvell, where he is responsible for global business development, product planning, and marketing strategies. 

Willard has spent his career at the axis of semiconductors, automotive, and computing industries for over three decades. He brings considerable automotive experience from various past employers. 

Previously at Xilinx he managed the automotive business unit promoting adaptive SoCs. During his tenure revenue growth doubled with strategic wins in driver assistance, cockpit displays, advanced sensing (lidar and 4d radar), and autonomous L4 systems. 

At ARM, he evangelized CPU IP and developed ecosystems to supports ARM’s market share growth in the automotive. Additionally, Willard has also worked for other semiconductor companies like Motorola Semiconductor Product Sector, National Semiconductor, NEC Electronics, as well as a start-up, DSP Concepts, addressing the automotive, IoT, and embedded end-markets. 

In his free time, Willard volunteers his time at University of Michigan’s MconneX Alumni program where he participates in face-to-face mentoring to aspiring engineering students. Willard holds BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Michigan and a MBA from the University of Phoenix.