Virtuous Innovation Alliances
August 31, 2023 | 10:00am – 10:45am

SOFTWARE | Room 130-131

Our post pandemic society is moving at light speed to create, innovate and scale new technologies. While the “rocket ship” advances of AI, LLM, robotics, web3, biotech, et al have enabled unparalleled ease and rapidity to innovate — they also present new challenges and opportunities for industry, institution and investment leaders to embrace “Virtue” — moral excellence; effective force; power; potency — as a core value to form innovation alliances. Award winning tech, innovation and media leaders and founders share insights and anecdotes about how their national alliance that includes corporate giants Ford and Salesforce is bringing “Sand Hill Rd x Wall St” grade digital transformation to small businesses on Main Street. They will also present strategies to catalyze new, cross-sector collaborations to solve global challenges.


Guy Finley
Shelton Mercer
Bonnie Tseng
Jian Wei Hoh